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When more Albany residents fill out the 2020 Census, our City will receive more federal money. This money will help educate our children, rebuild our roads, and create jobs and opportunities for our growing, vibrant City.

Reaching 100,000 residents is a major milestone that will unlock important new money for our City. With 97,856 residents as of 2010, Albany is almost there, and YOU could make the difference.

This additional money will help improve and enhance:

• Head Start

• Affordable Housing

• Free School Breakfast & Lunch Programs

• Road Repairs

• Job Opportunities

• Workforce Training

Ignoring the Census could result in funding cuts and weakened federal, state, and local representation. Make sure you are counted to help prevent being undercounted!

Be on the lookout for a postcard in March 2020 with your unique identification number that you will use to electronically complete the 2020 Census.

Importance of the Census: Bio
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